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Biggest Firesale in Internet Marketing History…

Tweet Vince Tan is at it again! In case the name Vince Tan is not yet ringing any bells with you, this is the guy that pulled off one of the biggest firesales of 2007, doing $69,000 in sales in a mere 7 days. Yes, he came out of nowhere and racked up … More: [...]

Halloween Giveaway – FREE downloads!

Tweet The halloween giveaway runs only a few more days. Giveaways are excellent to get a lot of free products, tools, scripts and “how to” books on the latest “Internet” inventions! What is even better: “It’s a FREE resource”. I get into almost all GiveAways. I scan the products and the new ones I [...]

Christmas? on Halloween? ‘Sup With That?

Tweet Got your candy already for the ghosts and goblins tonight? I know we do…..not a whole lot though. Not too many youngens in our neighborhood. If you are going to be walking through the neighborhood with your kids, don’t forget the flashlights and reflective wear….you wanna be safe, ya know. On another note: Did [...]

Chance to win and a free report

Tweet Earlier I had mentioned your chance to win the whole package at the Biggest Firesale and if you have not made your guess you should. If you are one of the 10 closest guesses then you will win the whole package. The Biggest Firesale will be launching on November 18th and will include over [...]

The Call : How to Thrive in an Unstable and Uncertain Economy

Tweet Nicheology : The Economy Call ====================================== You’re invited to “How to Thrive Online in an Uncertain and Unstable Economy.” Part 1 – Thursday, October 30, 2008 ::  3 pm EST. Part 2 – Thursday, November 6, 2008 ::  3 pm EST. 20% of the gross will be donated The Children’s Heart Fund. “Your money [...]

Updated Christmas Unrestricted PLR Package

Tweet Now that we are getting Halloween out of the way, guess what, it is time to get ready for the Christmas season. And boy are you lucky. You see, Doug and Teri Champigny have updated the Christmas package that they have put out. If you remember, they put out 3 Unrestricted PLR eBooks. Now [...]

Power Of Networking In Internet Marketing

Tweet With all the conventions and seminars we’ve been to and/or spoken at in the last few years, what do you think has done the most to boost our biz? Making new friends. Think of it as the ultimate in networking – that’s how we met Jeff Dedrick, Mike Steup, Willie Crawford, Frank Sousa, Jane [...]

The 3 Essential Components Of Google AdSense Success

Tweet An ever increasing number of people are trying their luck with the web marketing bandwagon as the days go by.  leading] reasons for this upsurge in numbers is AdSense, Google’s incentive pay per click (PPC) program that empowers operators from all over the internet to display contextually relevant advertisements on their web pages, and [...]

Blogging for Business

Tweet Every single small business owner is an expert in their field. No matter what product or service  you provide, your customers do business with you because you are the expert in that  arena, and if you are not an expert, then they very quickly realize that and go  somewhere else. People trust experts, and [...]

What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas, Not if You Attended JV Alert!

Tweet I have spent a very busy two weeks in Las Vegas. I attended a jam-packed weekend of information at JV Alert, so much information that my head is still spinning, visited with my sister whom I haven’t seen in 14 years, and had loads of fun. I met so many wonderful people like Willie Crawford, Ron [...]

Automating and expanding your business

Tweet The turtles tend to be extremely dirty creatures and without some sort of filtering system the water would need to be changed daily. Yes I love them but… If I did not have a way to automate the cleaning of the tank I am not sure I could put in the effort needed to [...]

Social Networking – Not Only Internet Marketers also Retailers

Tweet Retailers join consumers in the online conversation. Web2.0 benefits is spreading. Online buyers born after 1979 are more immersed in online and mobile activities than any other generation. Consumers’ use of social media is altering the way they make purchase decisions. 85% of mentioned generation participate in social networking, and 57% have involvement [...]

Essential Tips On How To Effectively Use Articles For SEO

Tweet Today, writing articles is one of the most powerful and effective ways through which one can improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engines. Write many articles with a resource box and your website URL so that you can have many links pointing back to your website. Your articles will be further picked [...]

PLR Gold Videos – get a sneak peek

Tweet The use of videos on the Internet is growing exponentially popular by the day. Did you know that: The average person remembers 50% of what he hears and see after 2 weeks? This is compared to just 10% of what the average individual would remember if he had only read. [Source: Cone of Learning [...]

PPC Classroom 2.0: How To Pick The Best Offer For PPC Affiliate Marketing

Tweet What is PPC affiliate marketing? The answer could provide you with some of the best advice you’ve ever received, so listen carefully – I’m going to tell you something very important in this article. We’ll get to PPC (or pay per click) later, but you’ve probably heard a lot by now about this affiliate [...]

Small tweaks mean huge gains

Tweet One of the things I have discovered in watching the turtles is how much a little change can make in their results. It is extremely entertaining at times to watch their legs go frantically and they stay in the same position. It is like watching someone on a treadmill – they are running flat [...]

Only 55 days until Christmas – GROAN

Tweet Did you just groan when you read that statement? I know I did. No I am not Scrooge but as I get older Christmas comes quicker and quicker. Now I do enjoy the holiday but the thoughts of shopping and then the January depression when the bills come in are what make me groan. [...]

Get Your Christmas PLR just in the ‘Nick’ of time!

Tweet PLR Master Doug Champigny has put together a great package of unrestricted Christmas PLR products. Belive it or not, Christmas is just around the corner (55 days at the time of writing this) and if you want to get these products setup to sell in time for Christmas you need to pick them up [...]

Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

Tweet You can’t expect a great gastronomic experience if you’re in the wrong restaurant, right? In the same light, you can’t expect a rewarding affiliate marketing experience if you’re enrolled under the wrong program. It’s one of the primary rules of the game: always choose the right – if not the … More: continued here [...]

Halloween – Thanksgiving – Christmas…

Tweet Yay – It’s Friday Again! And better still – Hallowe’en! Tonight the young ones celebrate their wealth – their candy booty swinging from their arms as the bag gets fuller and fuller, each year hoping the harvest surpasses all others! Those of us a year or two beyond trick or treating age see it [...]

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