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6 Tips for Successful Viral Marketing

Tweet 6 Tips for Successful Viral Marketing Here are six tips to help you get started using viral marketing to enhance your internet affiliate marketing efforts. Using viral marketing is a good way to increase your efforts to make money online. 1. Purchase or obtain branding rights to viral ebooks. After you have branded them [...]

7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Traffic

Tweet 7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Traffic You’re in an affiliate internet business online and you would like to make a profit. Are you trying to mold the internet, business, and profit all into a successful attempt to make money online? Well in order for this to happen there is one ingredient that you [...]

How To Create A “Buyers Only” List

Tweet Below is a guest article. This article will provide a different method for building your affiliate internet business online. In the process of making money online we need to pursue many different paths. Jimmy D. Brown has outlined a somewhat different list building method. I am sure you will find this beneficial to your [...]

A Review of Massive Traffic Bootcamp

Tweet A Review of Massive Traffic Bootcamp There are many things that every internet marketer needs in order for his affiliate internet business online to succeed. However, one thing that anyone who wishes to make money online must have is traffic. Not just traffic but targeted traffic. Target traffic is traffic that is interested in [...]

7 Aspects Of Blog Content

Tweet 7 Aspects Of Blog Content First, let’s look at what a blog is. Basically a blog is a website where you can place your content. Actually that is what any website is. But our subject is blogs. You have to decide what you content will be, that is what you will place on your [...]

Are You Ready For Some Football/ Halftime Sales II

Tweet Image by MPR529 via Flickr Well, here we are again. Another great football season has come to an end. And whether your team had a good year or not so good ( Go Chargers), it now time for that last big game. Are you ready for some football. I know, there is still the [...]

Proven Niche Markets – Save time and effort

Tweet I still haven’t figured out why the turtles are always digging up the rocks in the bottom and eating them. Maybe it helps their digestion I really don’t know but I do notice that they are quite specific and will sort through numerous rocks before finding the one that they want to chew on. [...]

Setting up MyBlogLog

Tweet The first thing you want to make sure of when using MyBlogLog is to fill out your profile completely especially with a picture or avatar. This picture or avatar will show up on any blog that you visit and will start to brand you or your business. Take the time to add the services [...]

The Cheater’s Guide to Internet Marketing Review & Bonus Offer

Tweet As mentioned previously, I’m one of a very small number of people who  was fortunate enough to be part of the live studio audience when Eric Farewell & Richard Legg created ‘The Cheater’s Guide to Internet Marketing’. Unlike most of the other marketers out there promoting their new course, I know first hand just [...]

My New Favorite Free Keyword Research Tool

Tweet Hi there, I’ve been using a new keyword research tool called PPC Web Spy and I absolutely love this.  One of the things I love most about it is the fact that it’s not a separate desktop application, but rather a tiny plugin that runs inside the Firefox web browser. Also, given how powerful [...]

UK Intenet Marketing – How to Use Search Engine Marketing to Get Qualified UK Visitors

Tweet If you have made a great website for your business the next step is to get it visitors.Your website needs to draw the attention of qualified visitors.Your solution for this stage is UK Internet marketing or online marketing Internet Marketing lets you zero in one those visitors who should be visiting your site.Search Engine [...]

Instant Bonus Page by Jeff Dedrick

Tweet I want to tell you about a great new product called ‘Instant Bonus Page’ by Jeff Dedrick. This is something I really wish he had created earlier, because it would have saved me hours of personal frustration and I probably would have made more money. Here’s a quick video I made about it and [...]

Dont Make This Mistake! – Giveaway Riches?

Tweet Don’t you love it when you are taken to a website and you have no idea what the site is about, but they still expect you to sign up? Of course I am joking with the above, as I don’t think anyone likes that. But believe it or not, it happens all of the [...]

FormulaFIVE System by StomperNet – Review

Tweet I recorded a short video below to show you what the FormulaFIVE System by StomperNet looks like and what I would recommend people do.  As mentioned in the video, I haven’t had a chance to go through a lot of the information in the system yet, but I will be providing updates as I [...]

MyBlogLog – are you using it and if not why not?

Tweet This will be the start of a series on MyBlogLog (maybe see the end of the post). Most of the people that I talk to whether on the monthly Blog Talk Radio show, in various forums and conference rooms know about it but are probably only scratching the surface on what is there. Usually [...]

Week In Review – January 31, 2009

Tweet Well it is the last day of January already. How is your year going so far? One month done and not sure where the time has gone. Things have been picking up and lots of news this week. First to the blog. (Yes the Turtles been quiet – not really just Mike has been [...]

Special Offer for Ginny Culp’s PLR Audios Platinum Membership

Tweet Ginny Culp emailed me this morning to let me know that she had a few openings (6 to be exact) in her PLR Audios Platinum membership. I asked her if she would be willing to provide my loyal subscribers and readers an exclusive special offer and she very kindly agreed to. Here’s a short video I made about her [...]

The Niche Giveaway 3

Tweet This is not just another JV Giveaway event. It’s the third part of a JV Giveaway series. Each edition targets a specific IM niche – for episode 3 this will be Social Marketing & Web2.0 More: continued here Twitter This Usuario: Password:

Creating systems is key

Tweet One of the great ways that you get your business to grow is by creating repeatable systems. This is how you create the golden fleece that everyone is looking for that big red easy button that you push and cash just automatically is generated to your account while you are on the beach or [...]

The Niche Giveaway Social Marketing

Tweet Mieke Janssens just opened the doors for the third in her series of IM niche giveaways. This one is targeted to Social Marketing and Web 2.0. Social networking, we have all likely heard of it before, but have you used it? Social networking is defined as the grouping of individuals together into to [...]

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