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Free Blog Installation Software Download

Tweet It’s not often that the best software in any given area of Internet Marketing is free, but Alex Sysoef of Expert WordPress has certainly raised the bar on free software – his WordPress Blog Installation software is amazing, and he’s letting you download it for free! With WordPress blog installer services running from about [...]

Internet Marketing Masters Seminar Ross Goldberg

Tweet Discover Marketing Secrets From The Best In The Business And Experience Everything An Internet Marketing Seminar Has To Offer You From Your Home Computer (For Less Than $20)! DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!! Have you heard about the power of seminars? Get the same benefits without ever leaving home? Ross Goldberg has pulled [...]

Last Day For PLR To Adsense Profits Exposed

Tweet Hope your weekend is off to a great start! There’s so much going on online right now, it’s a great time to keep moving forward non-stop with your online business… For example, did you grab the latest PLR from Aurelius yet? This latest one is AdSense Profits Exposed, and today is the last day [...]

Why you need a product

Tweet Yesterday was a lost day. Got up and was starting to rock and roll when someone pulled my plug. Not sure what the bug was that is going through this house but it wiped me out. Hopefully, a full day down will allow me to get back to normal but figured I better blog [...]

Adobe CS4 – Incredible!

Tweet When you think of designing stuff on your computer you normally think of Photoshop. When you think about publishing a document you think of the PC program, Microsoft word. Professional designers and desktop publishers rely on Adobe’s tools to make their industry fundamentally work, the Adobe software is the life line of putting together [...]

Some great theme tricks to check out

Tweet Just saw this from twitter and decided this would be a good post to schedule while I was gone today so this will be showing up while I am not here. That is one of the nice things about pre-scheduling your posts. Found a great list of WordPress Theme tweaks. This is not for [...]

Build a Niche Marketing Business – Step 13: Make Two Videos…Or MORE!

Tweet Videos are another thing that Google and the other search engines dearly LOVE!  Again, in an attempt to please their customers…they KNOW their customers like to watch videos since the majority of them have been raised on TV and actively search for videos online…Google and the others tend to deliver pages that contain videos [...]

The Biggest Secret of Internet Marketing – Revealed!

Tweet Is there really ‘one’ secret that the successful internet marketers share? One that is so closely guarded that almost all of them don’t want to give it up? I have been doing some reading about, and asking questions of, some successful marketers that I know. The thing that I was curious about is: What [...]

Something a bit different – now will it work?

Tweet Today I did my email a bit different and violated some of the “rules”. Will it work? That is the real question and the answer will show up soon. That is one of the nice things about the internet – speed. So I was different – here is the email Subject – A 4 [...]

Best Blog Installation Software Is Free!

Tweet It’s not often that the best software in any given area of Internet Marketing is free, but Alex Sysoef of Expert WordPress has certainly raised the bar on free software – his WordPress Blog Installation software is amazing, and he’s letting you download it for free! With WordPress blog installer services running from about [...]

Using Online Faxing Instead of a Traditional Fax Machine

Tweet A lot of people need to use a fax machine on occasion, if not quite frequently. Don’t you think it be nice if you could send and receive faxes without having to purchase and maintain a fax machine? If you have Internet access, then there is a cure to the traditional fax machine issue. [...]

eFax Online Faxing Service

Tweet Fax over the Internet providers represent one of the ways the invention of the Internet has changed how we live our lives. You no longer have to own a fax machine if we want to be able to send and receive faxes. All that we need now is the ability to get online and [...]

What is the matter with this picture?

Tweet This was taken at 1:45 this afternoon. The turtles had done all that they needed and were now doing what they like to do the most – lay out and stack up. The problem is that I was still in the middle of my work flow with no end in sight. Grrrr. One of [...]

The Net Success Formula by Glen Hopkins

Tweet Great news! Best selling author Glen Hopkins, just re-opened the doors to The Net Success Formula training program — for FREE! The last time Glen did this training he charged $997 and it completely sold out. But Glen doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of you accessing the training you need to [...]

2 Valuable Blogs to Read

Tweet I don’t know why I haven’t shared this blog with you yet, as I have loved reading it for a long time now, so I decided that it’s about time I tell you about it. It’s not my blog, but it’s from a fellow Internet marketer Robert Plank. Robert is a PHP programmer (and [...]

Small Business Appear Larger When Using a Virtual Phone Service

Tweet As a small business owner, you need to have all of the competitive advantage that is available to you. One way to easily gain an advantage over competition of any size is by making use of a virtual PBX phone systems service. Such a solution helps make your small business appear larger than it [...]

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

Tweet Are you interested in internet marketing?  Check out these indespensible tools to catapult your marketing efforts. I hightly recommend: Neurolinker Review What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing has many descriptions, yet all have the same meaning. Affiliate marketing is a huge business piece on the Internet. It is a cooperative effort between merchants and [...]

Money Word Matrix- An internet marketing idea you should steal.

Tweet Normally, I focus this blog on internet marketing tools that can be adapted by offline businesses. Last Friday, I came across a new approach to finding relevant keywords that amazed me in terms of its simplicity and power.  The technique is called the Money words matrix.  Two very successful young marketers discovered and refined [...]

Blogging and you call last night

Tweet I really hadn’t mentioned it on this blog but had on my marketing blog but I did a call last night with Jason Fladlien as part of his series of teleseminars and webinars from various marketers to raise funds for his parents to cover the funeral expenses and other bills from his 8 year [...]

Input, ideas and you

Tweet Just finished a short report on Twitter and WordPress and those that are subscribed will be getting it after it has been edited one more time. Really what I would like to know is what topics would be most helpful to be covered here. Not getting a lot of questions and have always tried [...]

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