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Hot New Aromatherapy PLR Bundle From Doug Champigny

Tweet I smell a hot new release of some good new PLR from Doug Champigny in the Aromatherapy niche. Aromatherapy: The Nose Knows, is the latest offering. Doug has been on a roll lately putting out some quality PLR and this one is just that good. The Aromatherapy niche has been a pretty popular niche [...]

Twitter Success Stories — Do You Have One?

Tweet We all know how popular the social marketing site Twitter has become in the past 12-18 months. Have you joined the throngs to build your followers? Did you know that there are several marketers that are using it to it’s fullest advantage and becoming very successful with it? Yes, there are ebooks sprouting up [...]

Redirects — A MUST For Affiliate Marketers

Tweet Cloaking your affiliate links is a good way to keep people from stealing your commissions. All a “cloak” has to be is some sort of a redirect. One of the ways that I was ‘taught’ how to create a redirect a while back was to use a .php  file and upload to your server. [...]

Niche Blogs and Web Sites are Ideal for Home Gamers

Tweet Much of what I write about here is oriented to the “Bricks and Mortar” business person, but the Micro Business Specialist is a “Big Tent.” concept and particularly includes one person shops staking out a claim via the internet. For a few home run hitters, the internet is a place to dominate a field. [...]

New Niche Private Label Rights Bundle Just Launched

Tweet It’s been a while since I put a new niche PLR bundle online for you, so here’s one to make up for it: Aromatherapy: The Nose Knows! This is a power-packed bundle with the 50-page Aromatherapy e-book, 10 Aromatherapy articles and audio versions for each article, 2 different sets of graphics with PSDs and [...]

New Aromatherapy PLR

Tweet Here is a great opportunity to build up a presense in the natural health niche… with this brand new aromatherapy PLR package! Doug Champigny has just released this new private label right package, which is bound to be a great hit and sell out quickly. This package consists of a 50 page ebook on [...]

A New Niche For Your Affiliate Internet Business Online

Tweet A New Niche For Your Affiliate Internet Business Online Aromatherapy – A new PLR released by Doug Champigny Today A hot topic and Doug Champigny has released a powerful PLR package that will help you get started with this niche. Yow will quickly be able to find several potential affiliate programs that you can [...]

Aromatherapy PLR Bundle Hits The Ground Running

Tweet Hope your day is off to a great start, and that you feel empowered and in control of your future today! It’s the end of the first quarter of 2009 – are you on track for your own goals for this year? Either way, our new Aromatherapy bundle can help [...] More: continued here [...]

How I decide if a PLR product is worth the effort

Tweet Yesterday I wrote about Doug Champigny’s new PLR bundle on Aromatherapy. I talked about doing some real quick research when I first looked at it and thought it might be helpful if I covered the steps that made me decide this was worthwhile. First I went to my best friend Google and typed in [...]

Don’t miss out on this aromatherapy PLR package!

Tweet I am going to make this quick today because I’m not sure how long this aromatherapy PLR  package is going to last.   When I talked to Doug last night on Skype he had already sold nearly 40 of his 100 copies and two of his biggest JV partners for his PLR, Aurelius Tjin and Edmund [...]

Why oh why do people do this?

Tweet Was just surfing through some blogs today (I know what else is new I always visit blogs) and saw more than one with this basic mistake. Now to set the record straight these were affiliate marketing blogs that have some great pre-sell articles on them but… The call to action was a nothing more [...]

Niche Audio Spectacular: Aromatherapy – The Nose Knows!

Tweet Only 100 Smart Niche Marketers Will EVER Be Able To Secure PLR Rights To This Niche E-Books, 10 Niche Articles & 10 Niche Audios! PLR Master Doug Champigny released TODAY, 100 Private Label Rights Licenses on an excellent niche: Aromatherapy – The Nose Knows! TWIST! This PLR E-Book comes with 10 PLR Articles, [...]

Photoshop Action Scripts and Affiliatenaire

Tweet Five weeks ago I might have invited you to Jimmy’s Brown affiliatenaire course. There are a few openings in Jimmy’s 12-month affiliate training program RIGHT NOW due to duplicate purchases, etc. If you wanted to join yourself when he launched and were unable to because of the site selling out so quickly, then [...]

Have You Lost Your Enthusiasm For Making Money Online?

Tweet Have You Lost Your Enthusiasm For Making Money Online? How many times have you gotten all enthused about an affiliate project? Then before long you started losing all of that enthusiasm. That can happen easily in this internet marketing business online that we are in. This happened to me recently. The team I work [...]

Aromatherapy PLR

Tweet Doug Champigny has just put out a limited edition PLR ebook on Aromatherapy.  The package is limited to only 100 purchasers so you need to be quick if you want to acquire it. I’ve just done a bit of a search through my niche locater software and this looks like a really good one [...]

New Aromatherapy PLR from Doug Champigny!

Tweet Doug Champigny has just release a new PLR package in the Aromatherapy niche. Only 100 copies of this will ever be sold as PLR so don’t waste any time! The aromatherapy niche is a great niche to be in as this is a very popular topic right now. Here is what the package includes: [...]

Queen Bee Giveaway now open for Contributors

Tweet The Queen Bee Giveaway is now open for Contributors, will run from April 15 to April 30.  Upgrade cost is only $9.99. When I signed up I had some difficulty. For what ever reason I did not get a confirmation email when I signed up with my gmail account. I tried again with another [...]

Easy Blogging with Blog Post Automator

Tweet One of the best things that you can do to keep in contact with your market is to create new blog posts several times a week. The more that your market/potential customers hear from you, the more likely they will be to buy from you. Blogging isn’t that hard to do and to keep [...]

Aromatherapy PLR released today from Doug Champigny

Tweet Aromatherapy is a hot topic and Doug Champigny just released his latest PLR package on this topic. A quick check on Google showed quite a few potential affiliate programs that could be added and a decent amount of traffic on the topic without huge competition. Looks like another excellent niche PLR release again from [...]

New Aromatherapy PLR Bundle Just Launched

Tweet For those of you who love cool products in hot niches, there’s a new PLR bundle just released today on one of the hottest niches around – Aromatherapy. This bundle includes the 50-page e-book, 10 articles and audio versions of the articles, all with non-transferable private label rights (PLR) rights. That the right are [...]

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