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Using Article Marketing To Attract Traffic

Tweet Using Article Marketing To Attract Traffic You can use article marketing to get traffic to your affiliate internet business online. Maybe your effort to make money online is with niche marketing – same thing use your article marketing to drive traffic to your niche websites or blogs. It has been demonstrated by many internet [...]

Greedy Giveway has a Lot to Grab – open now to downloads

Tweet The Greedy Giveaway is one of two Great Giveaways open for downloads this week. Over $17,000 worth of gifts on this one. Well worth a visit. Social Bookmarking More: continued here Twitter This Usuario: Password:

Traffic generation through repurposing

Tweet Repurposing your content is something that has become second nature to me but like a lot of things that you pick up as you work online it often is forgotten when explaining to others. It comes under that bad word when trying to explain things to others – ASSUME. Because it is second nature [...]

Keyword Research for Your Niche Websites – Part 2

Tweet OK, so now you have a list of keywords and the search volume for those keywords. Now it’s time to find out a little more about your competition. So let’s start finding out which keywords have only a small amount of competition, but lots of searches. The first thing we want to do is take the spreadsheet [...]

Lee McIntyre’s ‘Mailing Lists Unleashed’

Tweet Almost everyone who is interested in Internet marketing has heard the expression ‘the money is in the list’ over and over again. While there is obviously a lot of truth to that statement, the most important thing isn’t the size of your list, but rather its ‘responsiveness’. What I mean is your relationship with [...]

WordPress 2.8 Preview

Tweet Well as April ends we are fast approaching the release of WordPress 2.8 next month. So far will not be the big culture shock that was there for 2.7. Dashboard has had no major changes so far. A few things have changed. Plugins area has gone back to the old look. All the plugins [...]

Greedy Giveaway Is Bigger Than Ever!

Tweet One of the best and biggest giveaways has just launched today, Jason Jame’s “Greedy Giveaway“! This is now version 4.0 of the event and it has only grown bigger and better over the years. I have been lucky enough to be invited to most, if not all of the past Greedy Giveaways and I [...]

Using Article Marketing to Drive Laser Targeted Traffic

Tweet One of the things you should do before you begin cranking out a lot of articles is to be clear about what you want to gain from article writing. Are you interested in promoting other products and websites (affiliate marketing) or are you going to focus on your own products and site? The reason [...]

Fathers Day Giveaway now open for JV Partners Contributions

Tweet JV partners are now being asked to join the Fathers Day Giveaway. Launches on:     5 / 31 / 2009 – 20:00 Closing Doors:   6 / 30 / 2009 – 20:00 Social Bookmarking More: continued here Powered by SmartRSS Twitter This Usuario: Password:

Mega Red Packet – Traffic and Products for Internet Marketers

Tweet Vince Tan, Edmund Loh and Stephen Luc are teaming up to release the Mega Red Packet on 4th May 2009. In case you’ve not heard of these dynamic trio here’s a quick background on them… Vince Tan is a World Internet Summit speaker and the same man who pulled off the Biggest Firesale [...]

Blog Traffic – Getting Targeted Traffic To Your Blogs Using Web 2.0 Sites

Tweet Ten Top Web 2.0 Sites For Generating Free Blog Traffic! ©2009 Doug Champigny. All Rights Reserved. There’s no doubt about it – you can’t be truly successful online these days without your own blog, or blogs. While websites are still viable, blogs are much more quickly indexed by the search engines, have a greater [...]

Build Opt-In Lists, Get Targeted Traffic & Make Money With This One

Tweet Internet marketing can be a very lucrative online business, especially with new products like the one released today by my friend Aurelius Tjin. Aurelius Tjin’s 110 Bite-Sized SEO Traffic Tips PLR bundle is one of those rare products you can use to Build Opt-In Lists, Get Targeted Traffic & Make Money Online – all [...]

Sam Crowley’s “Six Days To Saturday”

Tweet I just purchased Sam Crowley’s “Six Days To Saturday” Champion’s Package and I’m really looking forward to getting it in the mail! I must admit that I was not familiar with Sam Crowley’s story until today, but I watched this short video and it really moved me. I really care about having balance [...]

My Music Ticket Upload Your Own Video

Tweet Everybody is uploading video’s to YouTube and to other video Social Networks. ARE YOU?? This weekend another Social Network started especially for Music and Video: My Music Ticket Discover How YOU Can Take Advantage of the Video and Music Boom By Creating Your Own High Quality Video Products. . . Now YOU can [...]

A Brief Internet Marketing And Health Lesson

Tweet You may or may not have noticed that I have been AWOL from my blog for a while. No new updates and that stinks. That should be something that I get to at least three to four times a week if not more. About five or six years ago while getting a physical exam [...]

My Music Ticket Launched – Update

Tweet In a few days, a referral feature will be added to the MMT site and from that point on out, you can introduce the Free MMT membership to as many people as you wish. Keep in mind that all Free Members that you introduce to MMT will than be permanently connected with you and [...]

How to Make Your Article Marketing Efforts Viral — Ready Made OTO

Tweet If you remember in the last post, I was talking about how to article marketing effectively in your niche of choice. I am confident that you’ve started writing some articles specifically targeted at your niche of choice, whatever that may be. Right? Well, first off, don’t worry about whether or not the content of [...]

Peoples Choice Awards Giveaway now open for Contributors

Tweet New Giveway. Rules all but demand you pop for the upgrade as a contributor unless you can refer at least 8 people. I joined, This one doesn’t close so once you are in, it may pay off over time. Social Bookmarking More: continued here Powered by SmartRSS Twitter This Usuario: Password:

Twitter Takes Over The World

Tweet Are you a part of the Twitter phenomenon? When I first looked at Twitter, I thought it was a bit of a joke and a waste of time. I joined up, sent a few tweets and then promptly forgot about it.  Then for some reason that I can’t remember I went back and “caught [...]

A Huge Internet Marketing Event is Happening Soon!

Tweet I want to give you a heads up that something BIG is happening real soon. Early next month, Vince Tan, Edmund Loh and Stephen Luc are launching the Mega Red Packet event. Watch this video to get the full details: Mega Red Pack You might have heard the names of these dynamic trio. Vince [...]

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