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Try Out Niche Profit Classroom For Only 1 Dollar!

Tweet That’s right folks, right now you can give Niche Profit Classroom a try for 7 days for only $1. This is an incredible deal and if for some reason you don’t like it you can cancel within the first 7 days and only be out a dollar. Quite honestly though, I am not sure [...]

Affiliate Marketing News: ClickBank Pirate Launch Announced!

Tweet ClickBank Pirate, a new service to make affiliate marketing using ClickBank products much easier, has been announced by it’s creators, Cindy Battye of Australia and Soren Jordansen of Denmark. Until now, affiliate marketers who wanted to properly market ClickBank products had two choices – either fight for affiliate scraps with the majority of [...] [...]

Big Red Easy Button – Myth or Fact?

Tweet Big Red Easy Button – Myth or Fact? by Mike Paetzold – Copyright 2009 – All rights reserved Affiliate marketing is often sold as the ultimate big red easy button. Go find a product at one of the huge affiliate sites like Clickbank and send traffic to the sales page with your affiliate link. [...]

How Does The Clickbank Marketplace Work?

Tweet Clickbank is a service that connects people who are trying to sell products (merchants) with those who wish to buy (customers) or promote them (affiliate marketers). It sounds like a simple enough concept but there are plenty of competitors that fail to measure up to the successful business plan offered by Clickbank. There are [...]

WordPress dropping support for legacy 2.0

Tweet Doubt there are many people that this will apply to many but WordPress quite a while back made a commitment to keep the 2.0 as a legacy version and were going to support it until 2010. They are going to be dropping this support for a few reasons but the biggest is the very [...]

What Is The ClickBank Marketplace?

Tweet Clickbank is a unique and valuable service that connects people with products to sell to those who have an audience that might be interested in purchasing those products. Clickbank goes far beyond this simple explanation though. If you need a platform for selling online, Clickbank is almost the perfect solution. The reason is simple, [...]

3 Steps to Creating Your Online Sales Funnel Plan

Tweet 3 Steps to Creating Your Online Sales Funnel Plan Recently I took a look at my online business sales and marketing plan and realized that I don’t have all the important pieces in place.  I thought I did but in the excitement of starting my online business I rushed through the most important step [...]

Niche Profit Classroom 2.0 $1 For 7 Day Trial

Tweet The guys at Niche Profit Classroom have been busy. And today they announce the completion of an upgrade to NPC 2.o. And you can try Niche Profit Classroom 2.0 for $1 for a 7 day trial. Alen Sultanic and Adam Short have put together a super site for you to learn about Internet Marketing. [...]

Follow up is the key

Tweet The bad news is that most people won’t buy even with the best sales letter on the first visit. This is the reason you hear people always talk about the money being in the list. If you can continue to follow up and get people to visit a sales letter more than once your [...]

6 Tips To Make More ClickBank Commissions – ClickBank Pirate

Tweet With ClickBank being such a big part of online marketer’s business, there are many tips and tricks that marketers have come up with to get the most out of using CB. There are 3 sides to ClickBank, one being from the customer’s point of view, the second from the product owner’s view, and the [...]

Get Started Using ClickBank Pirate

Tweet When it comes to Internet marketers who promote other peoples products by being an affiliate, there is only one affiliate product marketplace which virtually all affiliate marketers are familiar with, and that is ClickBank. For years now, ClickBank has helped thousands of affiliates make A LOT of money by promoting and selling the products [...]

Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Cindy Battye…

Tweet What do Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom & Internet marketing WunderGurl Cindy Battye have in common, other than great looks? In 2003, Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom starred in the first Pirates of the Caribbean, first of three (so far) in the series of blockbuster movies from Disney. Johnny Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow, revolutionized [...]

Offline Businesses Beware – Twitter Is Watching…

Tweet For the longest time, large offline corporations of a certain ilk have used lawsuits and the threat of them to silence their critics. Even when in the right, most individuals don’t have the financial wherewithal to mount a legal defense against a battery of hard-nosed lawyers protecting corporate sharks from exposure. Not many would [...]

Major Benefit of Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Payraise

Tweet Here is a neat post by Jimmy D. Brown, one of the best affiliate marketers out there. Jimmy knows what he is talking about, and any time I see something written by him, I stop and make sure to read it because I always find something cool, just like with his new Affiliate Payraise [...]

Are You Understanding The Power Of Twitter?

Tweet I am still amazed with people understanding the power of Twitter and what it can actually do for you and your business. We use to think of how news got out through the newspaper, TV and radio. I know you may have read one of my post before about Twitter but I continue to [...]

Twitter Marketing Giveaway – Bob Tompkins & Reed Floren – Contributors Requested

Tweet The Twitter Marketing Giveaway Dates: Friday August 07th 2009 @ 09:00:00 AM CDT To Friday August 14th 2009 @ 09:00:00 AM CD Contributors can now subscribe FREE:Twitter Marketing Giveaway for FREE Contributors SIGNUP HERE We haven’t had a Twitter Marketing focused giveaway for a while, so this promise to be big. Upgrades are [...]

Week In Review – July 25, 2009

Tweet Has been a quiet week here for me as I have been hard at work on a new project. Look for more to come there soon. Two other items have been fore front this week and the first needs your help. I am running some surveys about how best to help you on the [...]

Let me know what you want

Tweet One of the things I like to do is to ask for your input. Please take a minute to let me know which item is your most pressing. Feel free to leave a comment to clarify your question. Powered by Easy Poll Creator I do this occasionally to make sure that I am providing [...]

More questions – Can you help with the answers

Tweet First a great big thank you to all that have voted or commented on the previous poll. That has been interesting to see the results. Now I am splitting each of the three topics into sub topics and would appreciate you picking the item in each section that would most help you. Just as [...]

Twitter Marketing Bundle – Twitter-Related Reseller Products

Tweet Get Your Own Twitter-Related Reseller Website Online And Start Earning Money … 15 Minutes From Now! Check Out This KILLER MRR/PLR Package. And Prepare To Be Stunned!! Yes….. 16 Products !! PLUS SUPER BONUS: Fully Designed Sales Page & Graphics Included. Upload & Start Selling Instantly – Keep 100% Of The Profits! Get [...]

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