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Corporate America Strikes Again

Tweet Here is another one for you showing how corporate America strikes again. A friend of mine who I consider to be a pretty successful online marketer was informed by a well known corporate group that he had to stop using their name in one of his products. Now it seems that even though this [...]

Think, Write and Retire released today – get your copy

Tweet Dr, Mani has just released his new book “Read, Write and Retire -How To Turn Words Into Wealth – Easily!” As someone I have followed regularly and learned from for years this is a book I just ordered. The best part is all of the profits from the book will go to fund a [...]

Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank Pirate – Case Study – Week 2

Tweet So, as you can tell, I haven’t got the other blog up and running just yet. I am going to be purchasing the domain today, and it will be ready for next weeks update. As my Clickbank stats show, I have had no sales this week as you can see below. I’m not worried [...]

I Love To See All Of The New IM Product Launches

Tweet If you are like me I just love to see all of the new internet marketing product launches. And when they come out all at once it can be very exciting and distracting. It makes you kind of forget just what you were looking for. And with all of the products out there, which [...]

Why Listening is Your Most Important Internet Marketing Success Secret

Tweet The other night I had a conversation with my mentor, Doug Champigny, a very knowledgeable man. I told him how I have always had people tell me things because I listen. And we had a conversation about why listening is your most important Internet Marketing success secret. It got me to thinking about how [...]

Edit Your PLR Sales Page

Tweet I wanted to mention one small, but important issue that I keep seeing when people upload a new PLR product that comes with a sales page. First though I want to make clear that having a sales page included with a PLR package is excellent! It can save you a lot of time and [...]

How To Find Internet Marketing Success

Tweet How To Find Internet Marketing Success If you are interested in obtaining success in internet marketing, I imagine that that headline caught your attention.  And that is step one in all of your marketing efforts. Step 1. Get attention. It doesn’t matter what you are doing your first activity is to get the attention [...]

Content Generation Tool

Tweet A few weeks back my internet friend Mike Paetzold turned me on to a useful tool called the Content Generation tool. It’s available for free at For my new niche web sites, I try to write a series of 21 articles, which I post one a day for three weeks. These are focused [...]

Week In Review – August 22, 2009

Tweet Well the summer is almost over and I hope that you have been growing your business through taking action. Make sure that you are doing one thing to advance your business each day and you will be surprised with your results. Now to the blogs. WordPress Made Easy Anti Virus Plugin – Looks Good [...]

So Are You Listening To Your List And Customers?

Tweet The other day I wrote a post about how important listening was for your business. Are you listening to your list and customers? Are you asking them just what they are interested in and delivering it to them? Listeners are attentive and pay attention to detail. They will take in everything that is being [...]

Making Use Of Surveys And Testing For Your Online Business

Tweet My friend Mike Paetzold, better known as the WordPress Guy, is always talking about testing. He really has a strong belief that testing will help you improve your website, help your customer by finding out just what they want and make you more money. Now I have no doubt that you might have heard [...]

Asking Your Reader

Tweet I have been expanding on the items that Nicole Dean did while guest blogging over at my other blog a couple weeks back. Here is one of them. 10. Ask your readers.You’ve got a list. You want those people on your list to like you and buy from you, right? So, ask them what [...]

Creating an RSS Feed Swipe File

Tweet This past week Nicole Dean was guest blogging on one of my other blogs and her topic for the week was How To Get Ideas For Your Next Blog Post. I will be going into more detail on occasion here. Today we will look at this tip. 11. RSS Feed Swipe File. This idea [...]

Will They Leave – That Is Exit Your Site

Tweet Will They Leave? – That Is Exit Your Site Probably, this is a problem that all internet marketers must address when planning for traffic to their site or blog. A lot of the traffic will look around for a bit and then exit. But that is not what you want to happen. What if [...]

Ninja Affiliate Plugin for WordPress – $30.00 Off Until Friday August 21st

Tweet Ninja Affiliate Plugin for WordPress – Special Price until Friday August 21st This is a very cool product for anyone who does affiliate marketing on their blogs. It’s called Ninja Affiliate Plugin and right now you can get it for $30 off the regular price. I picked up my copy last year at the [...]

3 Keys To Affiliate Marketing Success

Tweet 3 Keys To Affiliate Marketing Success Finding affiliates is a critical task for those that are in affiliate Internet marketing. Affiliates make money for you and drive traffic to you business. That is good for you, but another thing that it true for those that become affiliates is that affiliate marketing is one of [...]

Getting Into Internet Marketing For Income

Tweet Getting Into Internet Marketing For Income Internet Marketing has grown into one of the largest methods to make money online that exists. Twenty years ago, not much existed in the way of internet marketing. Now it has boomed into a such a vast market for making money online that new businesses are flocking into [...]

Clickbank Pirate Bonus Traffic Call next Wednesday

Tweet Just finished editing last night’s keyword call and sending it out for transcription. Will be putting together the handouts for the Clickbank Pirate Traffic Bonus call later today. If you purchased through my link make sure that you have submitted a ticket through the support desk to get your call information. If you have [...]

Anti Virus Plugin – Looks Good So Far

Tweet Just saw a tweet from Alex Syseof and went ot check it out. If you are into WordPress and blogging you should follow Alex on Twitter as he finds good blogging info and always shares. This time it was a new plugin. It is an anti virus plugin and will check your files daily [...]

Are You Ready To Start A Lucrative Online Business?

Tweet Have you ever wanted to break free of the rat race, and create the lifestyle and business that you’ve always dreamed of? Affiliate marketing is the opportunity that people have dreamed of, and now is the best time to enter the market. With tens of thousands of affiliate programs available over the internet, making [...]

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