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Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts With Private Label Rights

Tweet Skyrocket Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts With Private Label Rights Have you noticed how Private Label Rights (PLR) products of all types have become a major emphasis in the affiliate marketing arena? This post will highlight some of the reasons that this has happened. Obtain a private label rights product and it’s yours. You can [...]

PowerStart 2010: Little Steps To Big Internet Marketing Profits

Tweet PowerStart 2010: Little Steps To Big Internet Marketing Profits ©2009 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved. Internet marketing has evolved into quite the beast, hasn’t it? Blogging, salespages, squeeze pages, OTO’s, download pages, contact desks, PLR, web 2.0, social networking, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts, videos, e-courses, e-zines, affiliate programs, interviews, seminars, conferences, masterminds, cruises, bootcamps, [...]

WordPress plugins to protect your blog

Tweet Plugins really enhance what your WordPress blog can do so I will be doing a series of posts on plugins I like and use regularly. It will cover three main topics. Protection SEO Integration Today we will start with protecting your blog. The nice part of WordPress is the power of open source but [...]

How To Avoid Bad PLR

Tweet Another video from Nicole Dean to help you make sure that you get quality private label rights for your business. To find good quality articles check out Easy PLR. I use them regularly and you should too. About the author Mike Paetzold got started blogging in 2003 and has become an expert on using [...]

A Realistic Affiliate Marketing Plan

Tweet There are a lot of internet marketing “gurus” online. Some of these marketers try to make affiliate marketing hard. If you want to quit hopping from “dream scheme to dream schema” and really get started, watch the video below… Grab the Tax Man private label rights (PLR) Blowout Package by clicking here. affiliate marketing, [...]

What’s Your Resolution and Sticking with It

Tweet Guest Post by Jen Malik Man, if I had a dime for every resolution I made throughout the years. Or if I lost a pound for every resolution I’d ever made. Hehehe. Seriously, as I get older, choosing the right resolution and sticking with it, starts to get a bit easier. I’m never going [...]

Only 2 Days Left For $1 Trial Membership In Niche Site Club

Tweet That’s right, only two days left. For what you say, knowing that the New Year begins in 2 days. Yeah well, this is more important than that. You see, my friend Brett McEllhiney has put together a new membership site, The Niche Site Club. I know, I know, there are plenty of membership sites. [...]

Daily Niche Idea Review

Tweet This is the sixth in a series of reviews that I’ve been doing for year end of evergreen products. Evergreen products are products that are usable over and over and over. All of the products being reviewed are products that I personally use and recommend highly. Daily Niche Idea Finding quality niches can take [...]

Twitter and Google Saga

Tweet There is so much buzz and talk about Twitter getting rid of Google and Twitter being the new tool. Each and every article you come across with Twitter is that they do things in real time and that Google do not meet the same demands.   Google has responded with so many different methods, [...]

The Importance Of Testing Your Web Stats In Online Marketing

Tweet When I first began marketing online I was attracted to the immediacy of paid advertising such as Google AdWords and banner adverts. The plus points were very clear when you first look. It was possible to bring in floods of traffic on demand without needing to do long term work on my website or [...]

Tips and Hints to Help You Optimize Your Site With Keywords

Tweet Successful online markets must be forever on the lookout for new and innovative marketing techniques. There is never a time when a marketer can sit back and say I’ve done it all. It is a continuously evolving industry. There is not one marketer that would every say that keywords have no value. In fact [...]

How To Get Paid To Submit Photos Online

Tweet Get paid to submit photos are something that I knew nothing about and thought that it was a great hoax. I mean, I thought that, surely you could get paid if someone downloaded your photos from the net and you were to upload it at an earlier point of tie. But how can you [...]

Is it ethical to use PLR?

Tweet Great new video from Nicole Dean that answers the question “Is it ethical to use PLR content in your online business? Now if you are looking for quality PLR articles check out Nicole’s site at Easy PLR. She just released some new packages and she limits all article packs. These include a brand new [...]

5 WordPress plugins to improve your SEO

Tweet As the year and in deed the decade rapidly comes to a close I have been reviewing the plugins that I use here. I will be continuing to answer your questions too so feel free to ask them in the comments below. Yesterday I discussed the plugins to help you protect your blog and [...]

Blogging For Money – Discover The Best Ways!

Tweet It is the nature of the internet that things never stay still for long. The idea of creating a web log or blog is a fine example of just how quickly and dramatically things can and do change online. The software that is used to create blogs has developed and grown to the [...]

Arranging Your Email

Tweet The world of business has changed immensely today with almost everyone communicating through the latest technological device to hit the market. Any workplace will have tons of daily proceedings and an overload of information making it rather difficult to manage everything in an efficient manner. Email management can actually be a great saver when [...]

Aim For Empirical Success In Your Online Marketing

Tweet Aim For Empirical Success In Your Online Marketing ©2009 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved. Success in online marketing can mean great wealth and a lovely lifestyle your friends and acquaintances will envy, so it’s no wonder so many people are turning to Internet marketing as a path to their success. Unfortunately, most come [...]

Video: Super-Affiliate Predictions for Affiliate Marketing in 2010

Tweet Affiliate marketing is just starting to come into it’s own as a true, professional industry but back in the early days of the web it was different story – hundreds or thousands of affiliates were groping around looking to find what would work – and one of the true victors that emerged from that [...]

A New Year…A New Outlook

Tweet Guest Post by Jen Malik I still can’t believe it’s 2010. Remember when that year was just a movie title? Well, we’re here now. Although the world is not exactly the way science fiction writers pictured it, the world is a completely different place than it was just 20 years ago. 20 years ago, [...]

Design Dashboard Review

Tweet This is the fifth in a series of reviews that I’ve been doing for year end of evergreen products. Evergreen products are products that are usable over and over and over. All of the products being reviewed are products that I personally use and recommend highly. Design Dashboard Marlon Sanders calls himself The King [...]

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