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Article Marketing To Build Website Traffic – How Many Articles Do You Need?

Tweet There is no argument that article marketing is the most effective type of marketing that you can do to build traffic to your websites, but many of those who want to market with articles don’t know how many articles they need for the efforts to be rewarded. Many will write and distribute one or [...]

CPA System

Tweet Over the years CPA Network has also been known as a fee for action network. The principle behind the cpa network is that businesses pay for each action that users make. This signifies that users get paid for purchasing products, advertising products and solutions or posting ads on their web-sites. It is a simple [...]

Offline Businesses – Use Online Services to Improve Customer Service

Tweet Offline businesses that fail to use effective online customer service strategies will find themselves handing over market share to those offline businesses that have mastered customer service management and customer retention strategies online. How effectively are your offline businesses handling online customer service and customer retention using today’s online services like social networking sites? [...]

Best WordPress Web Hosts

Tweet Yesterday I wrote about the changes coming early next year and the need to make sure that your host is set up to handle the changes. That brought about this question in the comments. What are the best WP.ORG Hosts, a list large or small may help a lot of folks. Now WordPress lists [...]

Offline Businesses – How an Online Presence Helps Offline Businesses

Tweet When offline businesses think about creating an online presence, usually their first concern is how to use it for marketing, followed sometimes by how to use it for customer service. But the truth is almost every department of large offline businesses and most areas of small businesses can benefit from a well-thought-out online presence. [...]

Don’t Want to Do It Yourself? Easy Internet Marketing

Tweet Now I am a do it your-selfer. That’s my strength and weakness. That said, I have to admit that the package put together by New Zealand based internet millionaire Mark Ling is an exceptional “done for you” ticket to success online. One caveat, you will still need to learn how to drive traffic to [...]

Offline Businesses – Train Your Corporate Marketing Department in Online Marketing

Tweet Offline businesses, especially those with a strong corporate culture, hate marketing ‘rockstars’ in spite of the amazing results they deliver because they just aren’t team players. Yet in online marketing, rockstars are walking all over the best results corporate marketing departments can achieve. The solution for foresighted offline businesses is to train their corporate [...]

Offline Businesses – Business Networking On Social Networking Sites Online

Tweet Offline Businesses – Business Networking On Social Networking Sites Online ©2010 Doug Champigny, – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Offline businesses have always understood the value of business networking, and often offline business networking is a company’s main source of meeting new suppliers, finding new products and services to promote and getting referrals to [...]

How To Effectively Use PLR Articles Without Rewriting Them First…

Tweet How To Effectively Use PLR Articles Without Rewriting Them First… ©2010 Doug Champigny, – All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Let’s face it – most Internet marketers, niche marketers and affiliate marketers are lazy, which is one of the main reasons that PLR articles are so popular, right? And for those who aren’t lazy, PLR [...]

Is Google Broken? Get the Perpetual Traffic Report

Tweet One of the first eBooks I wrote from scratch was my Main Street Rises to the Top of the  Search Engines.  I’ve distributed almost 2000 copies of it over the past 16 months.  During the research phase I gathered information from many different authors, membership sites and more. During that process, I was able [...]

Building Opt-In Lists – How To Become An Online Email Marketer

Tweet Building Opt-In Lists – How To Become An Online Email Marketer ©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Promoting an offline business? Then you should consider becoming an online email marketer. There is no more powerful way to promote your offline business online than with email based marketing, in part because few if [...]

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes All Affiliate Marketers Should Avoid To Achieve Success

Tweet The goal of all Affiliate Marketers when they start an Affiliate Marketing Business is to achieve success. Most of them start with the wrong impression that success can be achieved overnight and with very little effort. Unfortunately it is not so and mistakes made by them further complicate matters with failure looming large in [...]

College For Single Parents Allows For Life Changing And Lifelong Learning

Tweet Many adults in this recession are returning to school to train for new careers or to acquire new skills. College for parents can be particularly important in terms of setting a good example. Parents who continue their education through online degree these days are teaching their children that, in this Information age particularly, lifelong [...]

Effective Affiliate Tips

Tweet Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to build an online business. Even though there are many ways to make money online, none of them are as good as affiliate marketing. Some affiliate marketing suggestions follow which you can implement straight away. Making money online can be challenging at times so if you [...]

Blog Talk Radio – Are you interested?

Tweet It has been a while since I have done a monthly Blog Talk Radio show on WordPress and blogging. Not quite sure why it got dropped but before I put together a new one figured it was best to see if there was an interest in it. Time after all is the one thing [...]

PLR Affiliate Manager Course

Tweet This one is totally nuts. I like Melissa Ingold but… I fear for her sanity. Truly I do. She just released a new complete package with PLR called Affiliate Managers Course and over delivered on it by putting together a $197 package for just $37. This course covers the complete funnel and includes…. 37-page [...]

Offline Businesses – 5 Free and Easy Ways To Get More Website Traffic

Tweet Offline Businesses – 5 Free and Easy Ways To Get More Website Traffic ©2010 Doug Champigny, . All Rights Reserved Worldwide. More and more offline companies have ‘brochure’ websites – static websites that just tell about the company, it’s people and it’s products. While that’s all fine and dandy for your existing clients [...]

A Business Directory Just Is Not Enough Anymore!

Tweet A Business Directory Just Is not Enough Anymore! By: Martin Lemieux Do you own a business directory? Are you having a robust time beating your competition? This text will facilitate your towards leaving your competition far behind. The concept here is not regarding getting as many business directory listings as possible. The idea we [...]

Advanced Affiliate Marketing – 7 Ways To Increase Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Tweet Advanced Affiliate Marketing – 7 Ways To Increase Affiliate Marketing Commissions ©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. One thing every affiliate marketing business owner wants to do is find ways to make more money online, yet the truth is that most have overlooked one or more of the most common ways, or [...]

Offline Businesses – Expanding Market Reach For Offline Businesses Online

Tweet Most offline businesses think of using the Internet to expand market share, but what about expanding market reach? There are a lot of ways offline businesses can penetrate a larger target market simply by using the Internet to expand market reach. More: continued here Powered by SmartRSS Twitter This Usuario: Password:

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