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Offline Businesses – Use Online Services To Improve Customer Service

Tweet Offline Businesses – Use Online Services To Improve Customer Service ©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Customer management systems, customer service systems and customer retention programs abound in the offline world, yet most offline businesses can still improve … Continue reading → More: continued here Powered by SmartRSS Twitter This Usuario: Password:

Weakness in Safe List

Tweet Image via Wikipedia How would you like to send your commercial emails to people you do not know, but are expecting to receive such mail from you? Wait a minute. That does not sound right. How can this be? It is simple, if you know what is really going on. Everybody who is on [...]

3 Ways To Generate Back Links For Free*

Tweet I think that every reader here understands that that the more back links you develop to your pages the higher Google will tend to rank you. One more thing to say here in total transparency is that these will take some time and it has value which is the reason I have the * [...]

How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Make Money While Building Your Affiliate Marketing Opt-In Lists

Tweet How To Start Affiliate Marketing – Make Money While Building Your Affiliate Marketing Opt-In Lists ©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Building an opt-in list for affiliate marketing is a straight-forward procedure – you place a free report, audio or video in a list-building squeeze page system and drive as much targeted [...]

Facebook PLR Course

Tweet The last time Melissa Ingold released a product I thought she had gone insane. When it comes to over delivering she must be the queen and she sure has not gained her sanity. Facebook is a very hot topic. With more visitors than Google it is something that people need to know how to [...]

Diabetes Treatment PLR Pack

Tweet New PLR package released today from Nicole Dean at Easy PLR. The topic is Diabetes Treatment. This is different than the pack released a few weeks back. This is focused on treatment and if you got the previous package this is a perfect compliment. Here are the topics. 1. Describing Diabetes and Its Complications [...]

iSocial Academy Preparing to Launch

Tweet Here’s a ground floor opportunity for those who may be looking for a game plan to turn social media into a paying proposition. Austin Walsh, is preparing to open the iSocial Academy next month and is lining up affiliates as I write this. If you are looking for a continuity program that sends you [...]

Format problems with your blog post

Tweet Got this question on an article I have about WordPress on IM Faceplate. Because it needs to get wider readership I will be answering it here although it will be shared there too. Answering your questions is one of the things that I enjoy and you can leave your question in the comments below. [...]

I have been listening

Tweet Gizmo here and yes I want more fish which is why I am blogging. I did have a revelation though when I was thinking about what to write about. That seems to be a consistent question that comes up when the Dad does seminars. Anytime the topic gets to blogging the question what do [...]

Blog Commenting Question

Tweet A good question today and a note on that as I have caught up on your questions. I can use some more questions so that we can address them here. Leave them in the comments below. I have a question for you. When commenting on blogs, do you leave your main website address or [...]

Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Creating Residual Streams of Affiliate Commissions

Tweet Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Creating Residual Streams of Affiliate Commissions ©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. The holy grail of affiliate marketing is residual commissions – making money month after month or year after year from one initial sales effort. Most notable amongst affiliate offers paying residual commissions are website hosting plans, [...]

Make More Affiliate Commissions With Your Own Product

Tweet When someone first starts out online to make some extra money, they usually tend to start promoting other people’s products to make affiliate commissions. This is a great way to start, and it is also not something which should be stopped! Let me explain. When you have built up a nice online business, time [...]

RSS and Email Signups

Tweet Very good topic today as getting people to subscribe to your feed or email list are extremely important. Often it can be hard to do and there are plugins that will help you although they are not always the best solution. Remember that you can ask your questions in the comments below and we [...]

Using PLR To Create Viral Reports

Tweet Viral reports are a great way to get your message out and help pre-sell your offers. You give away helpful information and can make the case for a potential solution to save your reader time or money. Viral reports work best when you give others a reason to pass them on. One of the [...]

Facebook Like Button

Tweet Good question today on Facebook like button. Facebook has more traffic than Google so the question is do you want a piece of it? Remember that your questions are always welcomed here and become the fodder for future posts so make sure to ask yours in the comments here. Also as a question, I [...]

Write An Ebook Quickly That People Will Buy – Fast Info-Product Creation

Tweet Are you aware that info-product creation can be completed in a very quick time frame, in under one week? Just imagine the possibilities when you start creating new ebooks and reports every week, how many new customers and visitors do you think you will start receiving? In the past (4+ years ago) it was [...]

What Is The True Power Of Private Label Rights?

Tweet I’ve been doing Internet marketing for years and only recently I figured out that I was throwing away thousands of dollars every year by not having enough fresh products to sell my customers. If I had focused more on easily getting new content instead of spending all my time creating it by hand I [...]

[Sunday Rant] There is always something to write about

Tweet A rainy day here in the coal region as I sit here at the keyboard. It. has the ache factor a bit high this morning which is probably a good thing when trying to put together a rant. One of the things that gets to me is when people tell me that they have [...]

Weight Loss PLR Articles

Tweet Weight loss is always a hot topic no matter what time of year it is. Rosie Cottis of Flamillion PLR has just released a new package of PLR articles on weight loss. The articles are between 500-600 words each. Here are the titles: 3 Easy Tips For Losing Weight Fast How To Get Rid [...]

A Free Article Marketing Tip

Tweet Free Article Marketing Tips Effective article marketing can be a major source of traffic to anyone’s website or blog. In an effort to assist as many people as possible to learn the basics of article marketing I have released a free report called Article Power. In the report I discuss the two key ingredients [...]

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