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Blog Contests – A good Idea

Tweet One way to draw more subscribers is to have a contest. Make it worthwhile for people to publicize your blog. You need a reason to do it and here is an example that you can check out and look at for ideas. Barbara Ling is redoing her blog at Right now all she [...]

Watch Out For The Host Gator Black Friday Promotion

Tweet Fall is a great time of the year. After making it through the long hot and enjoyable spring and summer we get settled in for the fall. Kids are back to school, most of the vacation time has been used up and we are back to our regular job work routine. That is most [...]

3 Things To Be Thankful For Today

Tweet Thanksgiving day here today in the US. A time to be thankful for sure. It is easy to rant, pick at things that are bad and even to get happy when things go well but all too often we forget to be thankful for what we have. Today I figured would be a good [...]

7 Ways To Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your List

Tweet An opt-in list can be quite crucial to any site or internet based company. Even for a small venture such as a niche profit site an opt-in list can make a world of difference and also add some extra income for your pocket. Rarely would you see an e-commerce site, big or small, that [...]

Has the assume monster struck again?

Tweet Sitting here on Sunday doing my posting for the week and a scary thought came across to me. Am I being bitten by the assume monster once again? Regular readers will know that assume is one of the words that I hate worse than some of the 4 letter words. Every time I start [...]

Stubbornness can be an asset

Tweet Today I decided to get back to origins here. Long before I realized that I could get the turtles to do the blogging I used to pay attention to what the turtles did and relate it to marketing. Of late the turtles have been talking for themselves. Yesterday I was getting ready to clean [...]

New PLR E-Course – Understanding Backlinks E-Course with PLR Resell Rights

Tweet New PLR E-Course – Understanding Backlinks E-Course with PLR Resell Rights Hot on the heels of our earlier PLR e-courses, we have a new e-course for you, this time on building backlinks, that once again comes with full PLR resell rights! Did you know that building backlinks can be your fastest path to more [...]

Facebook Training & Make A Wish Benefit

Tweet The secret to getting the traffic you need to your web site in clearly shifting to the Facebook side of the equation.  And while I use facebook, and have promoted various programs dealing with it, I am far from and expert. That’s why I am taking part in this Friday’s Black Friday Bootcamp, that [...]

Social Marketing Tips PLR E-Course – Your Instant Social Media Marketing Newsletter!

Tweet Social Marketing Tips PLR E-Course – Your Instant Social Media Marketing Newsletter! It’s no surprise to anyone familiar with online marketing that social media is hot, especially social media marketing. So what better way to build your list and your profits than with a social media marketing newsletter – especially when you can get [...]

A New Video To Watch

Tweet Marlon Sanders has just released a new video that is worth your time to watch. In it he explains the steps necessary to create killer promotions. He covers all the necessary steps to do just that. What he does works and he is the king of step by step marketing. Check out the video [...]

Getting ahead on your posting

Tweet Some days you are in the mood and some days you aren’t to sit down and blog. It is one of the big reasons I like to do more than one post when I am in the mood. In fact today is Sunday, the Eagles don’t play until tonight so I am sitting here [...]

Looking at themes – what do you like?

Tweet Maybe it is just boredom but one of the things I am looking at as the year wraps up is changing up the look of some of my blogs. More and more I am looking around and trying to find new looks for sites. One of the places I have been looking at is [...]

Do you have your own product?

Tweet Sitting on the nice tropical beach sipping a fruity tropical drink relaxing while money just flows into your account. How many times have you seen this on a sales letter as a promise if you just get this product? Do you really think it is that easy? You know it is not that easy. [...]

Social Media Integration PLR Bundle

Tweet Alice Seba and the crew at have just released a new package of PLR reports. Having used a few of these PLR packs I find these very easy to recommend. This time they are how to’s on Social Media Integration. Social media is and has been a hot topic and is a great [...]

Copywriting Bully

Tweet The Single Most Important Thing To Do When Writing Copy, And How To Effectively Use This 1 Simple Thing To Sky Rocket Your Results By 1200% Read More: Copywriting Bully More: continued here Twitter This Usuario: Password:

Alice Seba adding even more value

Tweet Just got a note about some additional bonuses that Alice Seba and the crew at have added to their offerings. First on the Holiday Printable Bundles she has added the following. This bundle already included: * Gift List Planner * Holiday Card Planner * Letter to Santa Template * Letter from Santa Template [...]

New PLR E-Course – Article Marketing Explosion E-Course with PLR Resell Rights

Tweet New PLR E-Course – Article Marketing Explosion E-Course with PLR Resell Rights – Our 6th PLR E-Course is Now Available! Here’s another instant e-course for you to use – the Article Marketing Explosion e-course with PLR resell rights! Yesterday we told you about the ‘Understanding Backlinks‘ e-course, and if you saw that blog post [...]

Aweber has just made it easier to add an opt in form to your blog

Tweet Building a subscriber list and letting your subscribers know when you have added new content is an excellent way to generate extra repeat traffic. I have used Aweber for this for a long time because of the ease of automating the sending of these notices. You can set up the emails to happen at [...]

Black Friday – Do you like it or abhor it?

Tweet Next week is Thanksgiving here in the US which means that we are a week away from Black Friday. That ominous sounding day when the Christmas shopping season gets rolling in high gear. It is the day of great sales, people lining up at the doors for 5am (yuck) specials. Now I know some [...]

Email Marketing How To PLR Bundle

Tweet Alice Seba of has added to her Email Marketing Bundle with a comparison chart that you can adapt and use along with her bundle of reports on email marketing. Every serious marketer needs to be list building so this will definitely be a package that will work for anyone teaching marketers. The reports [...]

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