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Week In Review – January 29, 2011

Tweet Wowzers! January is just about gone. 2011 is already flying or it may just be me being old. Either way it begs the question are you on track for 2011? Personally I have been a bit behind here the first two weeks but have been catching things up the last two. It is important [...]

Facebook Pages Made Easy PLR Bundle

Tweet Facebook is one of the hottest sites online and one of the most visited. There are tons of products out there for using Facebook. This new package from Alice Seba at would be a perfect presell device if you are promoting just about any Facebook product or course. It will work for you [...]

Virtual Valentine’s Gifts PLR Bundle

Tweet Alice Seba and the crew at have definitely been busy and this offer is very timely. Valentines Day is only a bit over two weeks away as Maude has made me perfectly aware more than once. This time they have released a Valentines Day Gift report. This report covers 14 Virtual Valentine Gift [...]

Bad Credit – How to Start an Affiliate Business in Tough Times

Tweet Bad Credit – How to Start an Affiliate Business in Tough Times By Rosalind Gardner As the economy worsens and the price of basic goods continues to skyrocket, an increasing number of people who have a bad credit rating are asking me whether it is feasible for them to do business as an Affiliate [...]

SIX Proven FREE Traffic Methods That Will Never Stop Working… Guaranteed!

Tweet There are new reports on how to get website traffic coming out almost every day lately. So what would you think if you saw that headline on a report: “SIX Proven FREE Traffic Methods That Will Never Stop Working… Guaranteed!” That’s the headline on the new Relentless Traffic salespage, and I wouldn’t blame you [...]

How Focused Is YOUR Internet Marketing?

Tweet Successful online marketing isn’t rocket science. There are tried and true paths to follow to the top, and marketing online is better documented than any other industry or business in the world. Stop looking for some magic formula or magic bullet to get there – roll up your sleeves, plan out your steps and [...]

How to Get Massive Free Website Traffic

Tweet How to Get Massive Free Website Traffic By Willie Crawford There is only one real secret to getting a lot of visitors to your website. That is merely figuring out where lots of your ideal visitors are, and standing in front of them. When you think of it in those terms, it’s really simple. [...]

Is your navigation easy on your blog?

Tweet On old time ships the pilot (navigator) was one of the most important people on the ship, They kept pilot logs and used things like a sextant to be able to find their way across the sea and avoid known perils. The skill of this person was what allowed the early explorers to travel [...]

The Easiest Way To Start Internet Marketing

Tweet Internet marketing is a rapidly-expanding industry worldwide. Every year, more and more people turn to the Internet looking for ways to make money online. One of the difficulties they face right at the onset is figuring out the easiest way to start their Internet marketing endeavors. Fortunately for them, it’s much easier to get [...]

Adsense Alive Blog Themes For WordPress Blogs Now Available To The Public…

Tweet Adsense Alive Blog Themes For WordPress Blogs Now Available To The Public… Adsense blogging, or making money online by putting Google Adsense ads on your blog, is one of the most stable ways of making money on the Internet. It’s also one of the most fun ways to do it, if you’re using blogs [...]

How To Sell Your Home In A Buyer’s Market – PLR Articles

Tweet Nicole Dean of Easy PLR has just released a new set of articles today. This time the topic is “How To Sell Your Home In A Buyers Market’. This package even includes a bonus that you can use to monetize your articles. Anyone working in real estate niche or working with offline real estate [...]

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate 3

Tweet WordPress has just released the next release candidate for version 3.1. (The latest trial balloon.) They have had to pare some things back with some of the Ajax functions. When they released version 2 they commented that after releasing “Beta 1 came on Thanksgiving, RC1 on Christmas, and RC2 on New Year’s Day. We [...]

AdSense Blogs…

Tweet AdSense Blogs… A blog is a web page arranged chronologically with short regularly updated posts. The content can be about anything. It can be about a person, idea, ads, diaries, updates or even news about other companies. They are also a way for people to communicate besides email. Blogs can concentrate on one subject [...]

Are you using a feed reader?

Tweet One of the best tools I have and one that I use a couple of times a day is my feed reader. Now I use Google Reader but you can use any of a number of readers It makes it easy to keep up with topics that I follow quickly. As time is my [...]

Sunday Goodies – January 23, 2011

Tweet Frigid Sunday here in the coal region this morning. Temperature was in the single digits but will be warming up later by going to my grand daughters first birthday party. This week is a week of lists that I have found on three different topics. Our first stop will take us to visit my [...]

Google AdSense – Which Ad Format Works Best?

Tweet Google AdSense – Which Ad Format Works Best? There are many, many questions floating around the web about Google AdSense. Top on that list is, perhaps, which ad format works the best. While it’s a very valid question, the answer is probably impossible to answer. Why would I say that? Let’s take a look [...]

My Reader Is Back

Tweet Going to be a good day here. I woke up and the temperature was in double digits for the first time in a few days. Open my Gmail and voila… The link for Google Reader is back without having to go through the more crap. Yeah I know you may not be excited about [...]

Viral Traffic Plugin Released

Tweet Andy Fletcher just released a new plugin for WordPress that you need to check out. He is running it as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) where you can save up to 60%. Andy Fletcher’s stumbled on an IM secret that could really help you send a flood of traffic to your blog… and like [...]

Online Collaboration PLR Bundle

Tweet New pack of PLR reports just released from Alice Seba and the crew at The topic this time is “Online Collaboration“. This is an important topic if you are outsourcing parts of your business. Interacting with your team and keeping everyone up to date can be a real pain but with the right [...]

50% off at

Tweet Ronnie from has relaunched his site and you can save big for the next 3 days. Here’s the deal… You already know that PLR saves you time and money. You can get an instant 50% savings off EVERYTHING in the shop. When you invest $50 or more, you’ll get insider access to [...]

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