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PayPal User Guide PLR

Tweet Alice Seba and the crew at have just released a new PLR package that is a bit different from their norm. This time you also get resell rights to the package. Yes, you can resell the package with PLR yourself. The topic is using PayPal. In various training seminars I have done setting [...]

Turbo Membership is back!

Tweet Yes Turbo Membership is back! Now called Turbo Membership 2. Why “2?” Because for about 5 years – Turbo Membership 1 existed at; that TM1 was SMALLER than today’s TM2. Turbo Membership 2 is a HUGE membership. There are two levels: copper and bronze. Too much to describe here, so have a [...]

LotCon Consultoria – Turnkey Business Blogs for Brazil

Tweet Due to its success with delivery of SEO optimized websites in Brazil, LotCon Consultoria Ltda was established in Peruibe, SP, Brazil to further enhance their business Turnkey Business Blogs and Social Media Business Branding. Many business owners just start their blogs as an experiment. They create their blog, start posting and then sit [...]

The Giveaway Funnel – How to Make Giveaway JV Events Work for You

Tweet Kerry Russell is in the process of creating a new product for her list members on how to be more effective as joint venture partners in Giveaway events.  Her’s isn’t the only possible model, but it is a good one that will open some people’s eyes about how to make these events worthwhile to [...]

Do you have a pipeline built?

Tweet If you look around at those who are “super successful” in Internet Marketing, you’ll find they all have one thing in common… ** They all have their own information product pipeline! In other words, they have a lot of products that they sell. * Small reports * Webinars * Coaching classes * Physical products [...]

5 Things To Consider When Creating A Blog

Tweet So, you have been thinking about creating a blog, but aren’t sure where to start. That’s okay, this article will fill you in on what you need to know before you get started. The good news is that blogs are very easy to set up, and you can put up a basic blog in [...]

Want to save 25%?

Tweet Nicole Dean at Easy PLR is running a sale for the month of September. By $25 or more of the PLR packages and receive a 25% discount. Automagically. Yes, you don’t need a coupon or anything else. Just go to Easy PLR. Select the packages you can use and if it is over $25 [...]

Another Reed Floren Gang of Four Giveaway

Tweet Reed Floren is doing it again, this time with Cheryl Magliocca, Atheer Frendi and Adrew Loney. All of these folks have big lists and all of them will promote this event. The last gang of four event Reed lead was a huge success for me, and I jumped on this one as soon as [...]

10 Ways Small Business Can Use Social Media To Save Time PLR

Tweet Success PLR has just released a new e-book with PLR targeted to small businesses using social media. An ideal lead generation tool for you if you deal with small businesses and offer or promote services about using social media. Whether the business is primarily online or if you are providing services for offline businesses [...]

Zillow How To PLR Reports

Tweet Alice Seba and the crew at have released a new set of “how to” reports this time on using Zillow. Now when I first heard this I shook my head a bit as it is rare I see them release something on a site I have never heard of. Once I looked at [...]

Internet Marketing Strategies For YOUR Online Business

Tweet For any online business, Internet marketing is a necessity. This is a prime tool that aids in the wide promotion of any product or service sold in a bigger market online. At a quicker pace, this strategy is able to make wonders for the success of the business. Without it, your rivals are sure [...]

Buy One Get One x 2

Tweet Alice Seba and the crew at have just started a special promotion through the 27th. Buy one eligible package and get download credits for 2 more packages. The good part of this sale is if you can use one of the special packages you can use the credits in the future for any [...]

Happy Marketing Special

Tweet You can now join Happy marketing with a 30% summer discount. Not sure what Happy marketing is all about? Click the link to Happy marketing. Remember Turbo Membership? Similar products are included in Happy marketing. So for anyone who wants to start marketing products this is a good option. Does it still compare [...]

Before you start your blog

Tweet Your blog’s success or failure goes back to the very first thing you do and that is not… Buying a domain Installing a blog Picking a blog theme Choosing the best plugins Creating back links Having a great opt in offer Or any of a myriad of other technical things even though the items [...]

Christmas PLR Articles

Tweet Rosie Cottis has just released a new package of PLR articles. The topic this time is Christmas.Yeah, yeah, I know it may seem early to be discussing the big guy in the red suit already but this is the perfect time to get your content out and indexed so that you can use it [...]

Consulting For Cash PLR eCourse

Tweet Added another new ecourse this time on Consulting For Cash. Consulting cab be a very lucrative addition to your marketing arsenal. All types of businesses are looking for help and you can sell your skills often at a premium. Just edit the emails to personalize then for you and upload the pages with your [...]

Jenna’s $5 Giveaway is Cheap and Profitable

Tweet Here is an inexpensive Giveaway event that I just joined. For $5 I was able to post five gifts, and also text ads and special offers. These smaller but cheap giveaways don’t get thousands of visitors but they do get a fair amount because they are so easy and inexpensive to join a lot [...]

A New Queen of Giveaways?

Tweet Well if you have been following me for any time on the Giveaway circuit, you may well know that Stephanie Mulac has been my favorite sponsor of giveaway events. She does them with class, style and creativity designed to encourage active participation and support by the joint venture partners throughout the events. This results [...]

My Current Recommended Giveaway Events

Tweet I join dozens of giveaways, but recommend only a few to others. Why? Because there are so many events going on at any one time, and so many more are being added on a regular basis that many turn out to be of little value, particularly for new marketers who are just beginning to [...]

Customer Service PLR eCourse

Tweet Added another new ecourse this time on Customer Service. Customer Service is one of the keys to generating raving fans. This gets people talking about you in a very positive way and can be a great traffic generation tool if done properly. Just edit the emails to personalize then for you and upload the [...]

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