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Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Creating Residual Streams of Affiliate Commissions

Tweet Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Creating Residual Streams of Affiliate Commissions ©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. The holy grail of affiliate marketing is residual commissions – making money month after month or year after year from one initial sales effort. Most notable amongst affiliate offers paying residual commissions are website hosting plans, [...]

Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Building Affiliate Marketing Funnels

Tweet Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Building Affiliate Marketing Funnels ©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. When first starting out in affiliate marketing, it’s common to use a blog post, an article, a video or an e-mail to promote affiliate offers. Before long, however, it becomes clear that this is no longer enough, especially [...]

Advanced Affiliate Marketing – How To Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Profits Easily And Quickly!

Tweet As an advanced affiliate marketing business owner you’re using a number of online promotional techniques on a regular basis. But have you learned to eliminate those doing the least for you and focused just on those that bring in the most affiliate marketing commissions? Are you sure? Related posts: Automated Profits And List-Building For [...]

Legal & Accounting Information Online – Beware of ‘Accurate Misinformation’

Tweet Accurate Misinformation refers to information that is accurate where published, but misinformation in other jurisdictions. Small offline businesses must be especially careful about accurate misinformation in the legal and accounting areas, since the rules vary according to the location the small business operates in. More: continued here Powered by SmartRSS Twitter This Usuario: Password:

Offline Businesses – Use Online Coupons For Offline Traffic in Retail Marketing

Tweet Retail marketing strategies have long included print coupons, but in general retail stores have been slow to adopt online coupons into their retail marketing mix. But online coupons can be a major help in driving traffic to retail stores as well as raising the lifetime value of your retail customers – in fact, used [...]

Offline Businesses – Business Networking on Social Networking Sites Online

Tweet Business networking has been going on since the start of businesses, and probably in the barter world prior to that. But never have offline businesses enjoyed the business networking opportunities afforded them by the social networking sites online. Of these four simple ways to boost your business networking online, how many are your offline [...]

Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions With Joint Ventures

Tweet Advanced affiliate marketing strategies vary in complexity and effectiveness, but few are as easy to implement or as potentially powerful as setting up joint ventures. Yet most affiliates, even a lot of advanced affiliate marketing pros, have never thought of using joint ventures to boost their affiliate commissions during their affiliate promotions for other [...]

Offline Businesses – The Most Effective Online Marketing Uses Direct Marketing Strategies

Tweet Offline businesses in the direct marketing field should already be mastering Internet marketing technologies, since it’s the direct marketing model that’s used for the most successful online businesses. And direct marketing professionals who don’t own a piece of their company should consider starting their own direct marketing business online through Internet marketing or affiliate [...]

Offline Businesses – 5 Free and Easy Ways to Get More Website Traffic

Tweet More and more offline companies have ‘brochure’ websites – static websites that just tell about the company, it’s people and it’s products. While that’s all fine and dandy for your existing clients to check, without some extra effort it’s not going to bring you a lot of new business, because most targeted prospects will [...]

Offline Businesses – Are Advertising Agencies the Next Computer-Age Casualty?

Tweet Offline businesses in the advertising field are in dire straights. Industries like film separation and typesetting have dwindled or disappeared completely thanks to today’s sophisticated software packages. And traditional media that advertising agencies rely on for their income are cost-cutting like mad due to audience and revenue erosion. Advertising industries have attempted to make [...]

Offline Businesses – 5 Reasons Independent Retailers Should Be Online

Tweet Retail marketing practices favor the big, powerful retailers to the extent that most independent retailers struggle constantly to keep their businesses alive. But also having an online retail store can make a big difference to the bottom line of any independent retail marketing operation. More: continued here Twitter This Usuario: Password:

Offline Businesses – Use Online Services to Improve Customer Service

Tweet Offline businesses that fail to use effective online customer service strategies will find themselves handing over market share to those offline businesses that have mastered customer service management and customer retention strategies online. How effectively are your offline businesses handling online customer service and customer retention using today’s online services like social networking sites? [...]

Offline Businesses – How an Online Presence Helps Offline Businesses

Tweet When offline businesses think about creating an online presence, usually their first concern is how to use it for marketing, followed sometimes by how to use it for customer service. But the truth is almost every department of large offline businesses and most areas of small businesses can benefit from a well-thought-out online presence. [...]

Offline Businesses – Train Your Corporate Marketing Department in Online Marketing

Tweet Offline businesses, especially those with a strong corporate culture, hate marketing ‘rockstars’ in spite of the amazing results they deliver because they just aren’t team players. Yet in online marketing, rockstars are walking all over the best results corporate marketing departments can achieve. The solution for foresighted offline businesses is to train their corporate [...]

Advanced Affiliate Marketing – 7 Ways To Increase Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Tweet Advanced Affiliate Marketing – 7 Ways To Increase Affiliate Marketing Commissions ©2010 Doug Champigny, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. One thing every affiliate marketing business owner wants to do is find ways to make more money online, yet the truth is that most have overlooked one or more of the most common ways, or [...]

Offline Businesses – Expanding Market Reach For Offline Businesses Online

Tweet Most offline businesses think of using the Internet to expand market share, but what about expanding market reach? There are a lot of ways offline businesses can penetrate a larger target market simply by using the Internet to expand market reach. More: continued here Powered by SmartRSS Twitter This Usuario: Password:

5 Online Marketing Tips For Small Offline Businesses

Tweet Offline businesses, especially small offline businesses, can learn a lot about how to market their companies online by watching what the professional Internet marketers do daily to promote their online businesses. Here are some online marketing tips for owners of small offline businesses, marketing tips that they can start implementing today to put the [...]

Offline Businesses – Use Internet Marketing to Level the Field For Offline Businesses

Tweet One of the biggest problems facing small offline businesses and new business startups has always been trying to compete against larger, established businesses with considerably more available capital in their advertising budget. Whether those larger offline businesses have been using flyers, consumer shows, focus groups, print ads, radio spots or TV commercials, traditionally they’ve [...]

Offline Businesses – How Online Advertising Saves Offline Businesses Money

Tweet Savvy offline businesses are saving money while increasing their bottom line profits by using self-driven online advertising strategies. Even sole proprietorships and other small offline businesses can easily afford audio and video promotions using today’s inexpensive point-and-click software, without the huge airtime costs involved in traditional media buys for TV and radio spots. Let’s [...]

Building Opt-In Lists – Have Perseverance When Building Your First Email List

Tweet To succeed online in any big way, it’s necessary to build email lists. And to accomplish that, it’s most important to have perseverance when building your first email list. It’s going to take more effort and a longer time horizon that you’ve been told, so be sure you have the perseverance to stick to [...]

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